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The Employee Satisfaction Survey (ESS) is a simple and effective tool to understand people’s pulse based upon Porter & Lawler model, improved upon by Mr. PJ’s experience. It seeks to understand employees’ opinion on Work Context, Work Content, Moderators, Engagement, Commitment and any other dimensions required by the client.

What can the ESS be used for

The survey can be used to identify people issues based on the peoples’ mandate. Those critical issues that cause employee dissatisfaction and ultimately attrition will be measured and causal factors determined. Conducting the survey creates an avenue for employees to express their grievances and thus we are able to resolve problems before they become extreme.


The need to understand and measure the Industrial Relations (IR) Climate has grown with the rise of new companies, especially MNCs. The need to support MNCs with an Index to proactively identify problem areas and provide requisite support is crucial to Mr. PJ before more drastic action becomes necessary.

In the early eighties in Canada Mr. A. Dastmalchian attempted to validate a measure of IR Climate. However, we cannot use this for our purposes as it does not reflect the Indian context.

Amidst the increasing number of industrial disputes in India the Auto majors need an assessment to evaluate the IR Climate not only of their own companies but also of their suppliers, with Tier-1 suppliers foremost in the scope.


Organizational Development

PSCS specializes in providing focused research based solutions that are time tested and have been developed by Mr. PJ after a lot of deliberation and reflection of the varying organizational issues. PJ had developed a unique style of Process Consulting (OD) which he offered on a long term basis to certain clients to bring about long term changes to adopt to the challenges offered in the business world.

Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

PSCS proudly presents an intervention developed by Mr. PJ that initiates positive changes in persons through a process of clarifications and restructuring behavior patterns. The model can also be used in organizations for implementing (/ administering) change management and for improving team work through the use of MBTI.

The other unique product offered is coaching for ethical usage of MBTI.